What Censorship Means to Me

If you know anything about me as a human being, you would know that well I have a very strange way of carrying out some things. Ever since my parents enrolled me in school, the problem was my words. People say I am quiet, however, when I do open my mouth I like to put out meaningful words. I don’t want to be that girl who just engages in small talk and conversations we will forget about in the next few hours. I want to have a meaningful conversation.

One time I read this quote that said people would remember how you made them feel. If all you do is talk about small subjects, there is no opportunity to branch out. The benefits of speaking your mind, in a respectful manner of course, are finding your people, making an impact, and starting a conversation. I have noticed there are some topics that people do not want to have a conversation about. Therefore, when problems relating to the subject arise, some tend to get rather uncomfortable.

Over the past 11 years I have been in the public school system, I have been sent to the principal’s office several times. I look back and am able to notice a common theme; every time I had been a little too outspoken. I feel like I have a good handle on when a comment could be hurtful to someone else, but I believe that society has formed into this censorship in which we aren’t always able to openly communicate our feelings.

Every time I write some sort of memoir or even fiction, I ALWAYS find myself rereading my work. I am glad I go over my writing because what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t? However, my first read through would usually include elimination. I would have to edit out content that I felt would get me in trouble, or make people uncomfortable. For example, I have edited out elements of sadness/darkness in my work simply to avoid conflict. We all have feelings we want to write about, but sometimes our teachers and peers don’t have time to analyze the full story.

I am a pretty opinionated person, and a lot of my thoughts belong in an unpopular opinion thread. Although I cannot go to school and unleash my real ideas because it will create judgement, I hope to at least let it out on here. One thing people have taken the wrong way is a respectful disagreement. If I try to express my opinion on a topic, people can get annoyed because they are sold on their side of the line. I don’t think a respectful disagreement needs to be turned into an argument, or one person disliking another. Since when was it fair to judge someone by their opinion?

There is one thing I understand though, and that is morals. Unlike opinions, morals are basically how you go about life. If you believe in kindness and someone else believes in pushing their way to the top, then that is a potential conflict. These are much bigger issues that impact the way we live our daily lives. I think of opinions to surround politics, judgement on situation, and anything that may be discussed within society.

I do not appreciate when people come and attack me for my opinion. As long as I am not hurting anyone, I do not see a problem with the expression of my inner thoughts. Even the constitution backs me up on this one, we have freedom of speech. Reality is, you will be judged for your opinions but that does not make them wrong. For example, I personally am not the biggest fan of President Trump. I don’t despise him because I am not into politics as much, but I personally do not stand for everything he believes for. That being said, I don’t believe in sending hate his way because although I find him to be ignorant, I also see that he is a human being. I don’t care how much you hate someone, but they still have positive traits. I would like to believe we all do.

Basically, to me censorship means having to keep quiet about a topic due to society. I don’t know about you, but I believe in breaking the silence. I am a direct person, and I like to have discussions. I know that is not what all people are like, and that is okay. I just wanted to get the conversation about censorship started, in order to introduce future pieces that may be expressing my opinions (unpopular or not). If you have any topic requests, feel free to send them to me through social media, on this site, or through the contact tab. Good luck, and continue to express yourself! That sounds so cheesy but don’t let anyone keep you quiet, and please spread love in whatever you do. I promise you, there is a way to have an opinion that does not spread negativity, just think through it carefully. A lot of the times it is the wording that matters.


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