A Preview of Mary Trump’s New Book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”

Mary L. Trump is the niece of Donald J. Trump. She also happens to be a clinical psychologist. She wrote the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” to speak out about her uncle’s lack of qualifications to run the United States. After hearing the conversation in the news and media, I decided to read this book. Upon telling my family and friends that they should also consider adding the book to their reading lists, many people asked me for a brief summary. My parents even requested daily findings each time I would sit at the dinner table. I decided highlight notes I took while reading. I hope this is helpful in providing information, and maybe even in inspiring you to pick up the book for yourself. 

  • Donald was not a fan of his older brother, Fred, who died.
  • Mary was only 16 when her dad passed away from a heart attack caused by his long battle with alcoholism. Fred was only 42.
  • He would also make ignorant comments at the dinner table and does indeed drink 10 Diet Cokes a day.
  • Parents were not very involved in his childhood which could explain his narcissistic behavior to some degree.
  • The whole family thought it was a joke when he announced he was running for President and they were shocked upon his election.
  • Some of his family members, like his sister, only voted for him out of family loyalty. They did not agree with him at all.
  • Mary Trump declined the invitation to Trump’s election celebratory event and was confident that Clinton would win.
  • Donald was always avoidant of shame or humiliation.
  • He attended New York Military Academy (NYMA) because he was not thriving in public schools, and was getting in trouble. His dad’s high status on the school board did not help when he began to get into violent altercations at school.
  • Moved onto help his dad with the Trump properties upon graduating NYMA. 
  • Donald Trump always wanted validation, and the secret to getting what you want is to tell him that he is great. This is why Russia is successful, according to the book.
  • No one in the family wanted to talk to the press until the NYTimes article.
  • Donald knows nothing about political issues and is excellent at avoiding his lack of knowledge. He loves to use certain blanket statements.
  • Overall, Donald Trump is still like that neglected little boy in his behaviors.

These were some key takeaways that I found while reading the book from cover to cover. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of family tensions and that there was an interesting element of psychology that explained a lot of the events in Donald Trump’s life. If you found any of this interesting, I strongly urge you to check out the book for yourself. It was a great read and provided me with lots of information prior to election day. Make sure you learn what you can, and do remember that your vote counts whether you go red, blue, green, or anything in between.

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