Breakdown of Lindsey Graham – Lexspects

“One of the biggest debates since President Trump’s 2016 candidacy has been US border security, primarily concerning Mexican migrants. Since the 1990s, the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States has more than doubled. Many believe this widespread immigration reduces the amount of jobs available to legal Americans, a view typically steeped in xenophobia and racism. A more liberal stance recognizes that immigrants work jobs that many Americans do not want to work and recognizes the humanity in these “aliens.” The difference in opinions has resulted in many disagreements in recent years—disagreements debated at length by politicians. The beliefs of one politician in particular, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have consistently made headlines.

Graham serves as the senior US Senator from South Carolina. In the 2016 presidential election, when President Donald Trump took the lead in South Carolina polls, the popular senator confused many by flip-flopping on his support of the controversial candidate. Graham had previously been skeptical of Trump, but post-election, suddenly became one of his biggest supporters.

While senators have opinions on a great deal of political topics, Graham became best known for his conservative stance on foreign policy. He has a specific interpretation of border control: it must be strict and resolute. In May of 2019, Graham foreshadowed his proposal of a strict immigration policy, declaring “we got a perfect storm now because of broken laws.” The policy would grant permission to deport unaccompanied persons back to their homelands in Central America. This would mean the deportation of children, which is not only dangerous but, as some believe, immoral. The stories of children being kept in cages and under unsafe conditions have been highlighted in the news lately, but are a reality for these children crossing the border to our nation.

Five Guatemalan children have died in border control custody in the last six months. In desperate attempts to help their sick children, families seek help and reach out to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents. While they want to cross the border, many believe the health of their children came first. Many of these children die due to sepsis, which can be related to the neglect they face at the border. In fact, many children were not given medical help until after their deaths. Hopefully the CBP will reevaluate its medical care and environment, as it presents a health danger to the children.

In conclusion, Graham has some policies that would benefit right-wingers but are upsetting more liberal voters. It is important to address human rights and ensure political safety, but also to understand and empathize with those entering the country, legally or not. While it is never acceptable to cheat or break rules, we must treat all as humans. The safety of children is of much importance and should not be compromised over such policies and debates.”


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